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Similar to beef but dark red in colour, Bison meat is lower in fat and higher in moisture. This means that Bison will cook more quickly than beef. Since Bison muscle has no marbling, do not cook steaks and roasts past the medium done stage.

Bison with Pear and Coriander

Serves four, cooking time 30 minutes


750g Bison fillet or steak

3 stewing pears

juice of half a lemon


1 sp butter

1 tsp honey

50g walnuts

1 sp brown stock


Stew the peeled pears in some honey. Add the lemon juice to the pears and stew gently over a low heat.

Chop the walnuts finely and add them to the pears

Brown the Bison steaks in butter on both sides for 3 minutes. Cool the juices with some water and brown stock, season with pepper and salt

Arrange the sauce on a plate, cover with the meat and pear with nuts, garnish with some coriander