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A white meat, flakey – like a fish but meaty in texture. Low in fat and ideal for grilling, BBQ or frying. Lemon enhances the flavour.

Crocodile Medallions in Planter Sauce

Serves four


4 Crocodile medallions
1 cup ground pecan nuts
1 papaya – cubed
1 mango – cubed
3 sp brown sugar
1 dash rum
1 cup chicken stock
olive oil
pepper, salt, curry powder


Brown the nuts and sugar together in olive oil for 2 minutes. Then add the sweet mango and papaya. Mash together. Stir well and and let it reduce with the stock. Add a dash of rum and leave to simmer for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, quickly season the medallions with salt, pepper and curry, then fry them. Once the meat has turned a beautiful brown, remove it from the pan, then cool it with a little water.

Add the juices to the simmering sauce.

Serve the medallions on the sauce and garnished with the remaining pieces of mango, papaya and nuts. A side dish of couscous is recommended.