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The meat of the South African Wildebeest is a very dark red colour. It should not be overcooked, so serve it medium-rare

Roasted Wildebeest with Figs and Blue Cheese

Serves four


600 gr wildebeest joint, 8 fresh figs,

100 gr blue cheese to taste, 1 dl white wine,

1 finely chopped onion, a little cream,

1 tsp acacia honey and Madeira.


Heat the oven to 200°C and keep at that temperature. In the meantime slice the cap off each fig. Cover the fig flesh with pieces of blue cheese. Replace the caps and press down, then put the figs into the oven for five minutes.

Rub salt, pepper and honey into the joint and then roast in the oven until medium done. Then keep the meat warm somewhere else. Broil the chopped onions in the meat pan. Cool the onion and the juices with white wine and Madeira, then pour through a sieve and reduce with a little cream. Season to taste.

Carve the meat into fine slices. We are almost finished. Arrange the meat on a plate with the figs. Pour the sauce over the meat and serve with the olive puree. Potatoes are delicious as a side dish.