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Aussie Sunshine
The Aussie Sunshine barbeque pack gives a real taste of the outback, serves 6 and contains: 6..
Bison and Onion Burgers
Supplied as a pack of four 114g frozen patties, these tasty Bison and onion burgers give a real '..
Camel Topside Steaks
This pack contains two 160g Camel topside steaks. Camel meat has quite a sweet taste and definite..
Crocodile Goulash
Crocodile Goulash vacuum packed and frozen in a 1kg bag. Shelf life of approx. one year from disp..
Crocodile Tail Fillet
This 500g crocodile steak is vacuum packed and frozen with a shelf life of approximately one year..
Frozen Crickets
100x Crickets packed and frozen. ..
Frozen Locusts
10x Locusts packed and frozen ..
Guanaco - alpaca camelid - Burgers with Apple
This pack of 4 x 114g succulent Guanaco (alpaca camelid) and apple burgers is supplied vacuum pac..
Guanaco - alpaca camelid - Steaks
This pack contains two 125g (approx.) Guanaco (alpaca camelid) steaks, supplied vacuum packed and..
Kangaroo and Cranberry Sausages
1kg pack of succulent Kangaroo and cranberry sausages. Each 1kg pack has approximately 12 sausage..
Kangaroo Fillet Steaks
Each pack contains 2 x 125g Kangaroo Fillet Steaks. This Australian meat is incredibly soft and r..
Kangaroo Rump Steaks
Each pack contains 2 x 125g Kangaroo Rump Steaks. Imported from Australia Kangaroo has a rich gam..
Medium Crocodile Tournedos (Bone-in)
Each pack contains 2 x 160g Crocodile Tournedos. Farmed and then imported from Zimbabwe we cut th..
Small Crocodile Tournedos (Bone-in)
Each pack contains 2 x 125g Crocodile Tournedos. These are cut from the tail as it is the most te..
Venison and Apple Burgers
4x 114g Beautiful Venison and apple burgers. Frozen and vaccum sealed. image: not actual prod..
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